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The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) was established to give consumers the information they need to understand agreements with financial institutions and protect them from unfair and deceptive practices. Maintaining best compliance practices are a top priority at Ticor, and we work diligently to stay updated with the latest news and changes from the CFPB. New CFPB regulation go into effect on August 1, 2015.

Know before you close.

Making Ends Meet series: Consumer use of payday, auto title, and pawn loans

Posted:Wednesday May 05, 2021

A new analysis in our Making Ends Meet survey series looks at how consumers use payday, auto title, and pawn loans. Use of these loans is persistent from year to year. Some consumers of these loans have lower cost credit available, while others lack access to other credit.

Celebrating older adults and the communities of strength supporting them

Posted:Monday May 03, 2021

During May, which is Older Americans Month, and through June 15, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we’ll highlight resources to help older adults make sound financial decisions as they age, while avoiding fraud, scams and elder financial exploitation.

Making Ends Meet series: Changes in consumer financial status during the early months of the pandemic

Posted:Friday April 30, 2021

A new analysis in our Making Ends Meet survey series looks at the early impact of COVID-19 on the financial status of consumers, finding that their ability to stay on top of their finances was greater in June 2020 than June 2019, likely as a result of government policies and private programs to reduce financial distress.

Money Smarts for Military Families

Posted:Friday April 30, 2021

This blog highlights resources that servicemembers, military families and educators can use to teach children, teens, and young adults how to manage money.

Innovation and collaboration: Tech sprints support improvements in consumer notifications and data collection and processing

Posted:Monday April 26, 2021

I’m pleased to release the results from our first tech sprints, which sought to identify innovations and improvements in the way lenders notify consumers of adverse credit actions, as well as how we collect and process home mortgage data.

Sepa cuáles son sus derechos como inquilino que enfrenta un desalojo

Posted:Thursday April 22, 2021

Si usted debe la renta, podría tener derecho a posponer el desalojo usando la Declaración de Protección contra el Desalojo del CDC. También podría tener derecho a recibir notificación de la moratoria de desalojos del CDC por parte de un cobrador de deudas. Sepa más acerca de las prácticas injustas de cobro de deudas y cómo evitar el desalojo durante la pandemia del COVID-19.

Know your rights as a renter facing eviction

Posted:Monday April 19, 2021

If you owe rent, you may have the right to postpone eviction using the CDC Declaration form. You may also have the right to receive notice of the CDC moratorium from a debt collector. Learn more about unfair debt collection practices and how to avoid eviction during COVID-19.

Protecting consumers through a pandemic: 2020 Fair Lending Report to Congress

Posted:Wednesday April 14, 2021

This report describes our fair lending activities in supervision, enforcement, guidance and rulemaking, interagency coordination, and outreach and education for calendar year 2020.

Estafas con beneficios por desempleo: Cómo puede protegerse

Posted:Wednesday April 07, 2021

Existen estafadores que están aprovechándose de la pandemia para introducir de forma fraudulenta, reclamos de beneficios por desempleo, utilizando información personal de identidad robada. Si le llegó una planilla de impuestos 1099-G por beneficios por desempleo que no ha solicitado o recibido, usted podría ser víctima de un robo de identidad.

Unemployment benefits scams: How to protect yourself

Posted:Wednesday April 07, 2021

Scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic and fraudulently filing unemployment claims using stolen personal identity information. If you received a 1099-G tax form for unemployment benefits that you didn’t apply for or receive, you may be a victim of identity theft.

How we’re helping consumers during Financial Capability Month

Posted:Monday April 05, 2021

April is National Financial Capability Month, and we’re highlighting ways to prevent and recover from financial hardship during the pandemic and future uncertain times.

Mortgage Servicer Communication: Strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted:Monday April 05, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting one of the biggest challenges to the mortgage servicing industry since the Great Recession. There are an estimated 3 million delinquent loans, including more than 2 million loans in long-term forbearance. The Bureau is closely monitoring how servicers are handling the increased volume and emphasizes the importance of good communication especially at a time when so many homeowners are distressed. The Bureau also encourages servicers to use all available tools to reach struggling homeowners.

A complete guide to COVID-19 financial relief

Posted:Friday April 02, 2021

Americans are receiving the third and latest round of financial relief through the Economic Impact Payments (EIP). Yet, millions still haven’t received the first and second payments – and likely won’t receive the third unless they file a 2020 tax return. View our complete guide to the COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments.

The CFPB is here to help consumers facing housing insecurity

Posted:Thursday April 01, 2021

The CFPB was born out of the 2008 financial crisis to protect the economically vulnerable. During COVID-19 and the resulting economic crisis, we’re doubling down on that commitment. Learn how the CFPB is using our tools to protect consumers facing housing insecurity.

Borrowing or lending money to family or friends? Use this worksheet

Posted:Friday March 26, 2021

If you’re sharing money, time, or other resources with family and friends to weather the pandemic, we can help you think through how to work together and reduce strain on your relationships.

Our commitment to protecting vulnerable borrowers

Posted:Tuesday March 23, 2021

The CFPB will use the authority provided by Congress to address consumer harms in the small dollar lending market. The CFPB will do so through vigorous market monitoring, supervision, enforcement, and, if appropriate, rulemaking.

Consumer Advisory: Take action to protect your Economic Impact Payment if your account is overdrawn

Posted:Wednesday March 17, 2021

Take action to get the full benefit of your Economic Impact Payment.

New report highlights housing insecurity and the need for aggressive action

Posted:Monday March 01, 2021

A new CFPB report shows more than 11 million renters and homeowners are behind on their housing payments. Communities of color are disproportionately vulnerable to housing insecurity. Here's what we’re doing to prevent harm to vulnerable consumers.

Making our housing market work better for all Americans

Posted:Tuesday February 23, 2021

In 2020, the CFPB issued new rules to help ensure borrowers can afford the mortgages they take on. To ensure consumers have the options they need, the CFPB will extend the mandatory compliance deadline for the Qualified Mortgage rules until July 1, 2021.

Homeowners have expanded access to protections

Posted:Tuesday February 16, 2021

Homeowners facing hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic have expanded access to protections from the federal government. Learn how you can protect your home.

Break up with online romance scams

Posted:Thursday February 11, 2021

Romance scams can happen to anyone, including those who are looking for connection during the pandemic. Learn how to spot, avoid, and report this type of scam.

Consumers and their experiences to be at the foundation of CFPB policymaking

Posted:Wednesday February 10, 2021

Moving forward, the Division of Consumer Education and External Affairs should redouble its efforts to ensure the Bureau engages all consumers who are economically suffering.

Calling attorneys interested in joining the CFPB

Posted:Tuesday February 09, 2021

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proud to launch an effort to recruit attorneys at all experience levels to join our team.

Aproveche al máximo su reembolso de impuestos del 2021

Posted:Monday February 08, 2021

Sepa porqué debería declarar sus impuestos en este 2021, y cómo la normativa “revise el pasado” del IRS le permite usar su ingreso del 2019 o del 2020 para recibir los mayores créditos fiscales posibles.

Get the most out of your tax refund in 2021

Posted:Monday February 08, 2021

Learn why you should file your taxes in 2021, and how the IRS’ “lookback rule” allows you to use 2019 or 2020 income to get the most out of your Earned Income Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit.

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