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Sales Executives

Andrea Mittelstaedt

Vice President

In a decade of working in the real estate industry, TICOR TITLE’S Andrea Mittelstaedt has seen a life­time of events and transitions that have made her wise beyond her years and always eager to learn. “As my client base has evolved, I bring that knowledge with me to the next transaction and now I am successfully serving Realtors® and Investors” says Andrea. “It gives them peace of mind, it is important to them, and it is important to me.” That importance was stressed to her from her mother, who was a successful real estate broker. “I grew up in the real estate industry, I just selected a different avenue in the title sector,” she says. “My mother owned her own company, so I learned from her work ethic, how she treated clients and what she expected from her partnerships. She was always very loyal to those who helped her...